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Karl is a strategic people focused IT Manager with near on 2 decades enterprise experience in Infrastructure, Operations and Service Delivery. Karl has excelled in in various industry sectors including retail, publishing and finance in Africa, Europe and now Australia. He presently works for Novion Property Group managing their IT infrastructure and service delivery functions. Karl is a conceptual person, intent on making IT more humanistic with a keen eye for demystifying technology and making it meaningful for business leaders. A certified business coach, he is passionate about personal leadership, being authentic and driving a creative free-agent culture to deal with the current Social Age.



This blog is about is being a CREATIVE FREE-AGENT and doing MEANINGFUL WORK

Are you doing your best work every day?
Do you know your passions and are you working in harmony with that?
Are you putting your innate strengths to work?
Are you valued (paid) for your uniqueness?
Are you in control of your working life? (Or is it in control of you?)

In this blog I talk to these and other related questions pertaining to meaningful work. In essence I hope to inspire you to action to answer these questions with a resounding YES.


This blog is about making your working life work for you. 

Work is something that takes up more time than any other activity in our lives. Now, as we find ourselves in the connection / knowledge economy the playing field has changed. It is a remarkable time and has created the opportunity for creative expression on an unprecedented scale. The ability to create and share and be intrinsically valuable by means of our uniqueness has never been more feasible. How nice is that!

To help you rock at your work, whatever it is, this blog will focus on my simple formula: 


 To build on this in practice I’ll focus on:

  1. Creative Leadership: This is about leading self and building a creative mindset. You have to steer the ship or else someone else will.
  2. Putting your innate uniqueness to work: This is about inspiring authentic value in our working life - adding the "YOU" into your work.
  3. Being indispensible: It’s about keeping fresh, on the pulse, having an edge and being the best you can be by being valuable.
  4. Being commercially savvy with your art: This is business at the end of the day. The objective of the professional artist is to trade meaningful art for financial return.
  5. Being productive: This is about focus, intention and purposeful activity with a specific end in mind.

This blog is about approaching your work as an avenue for your art. It’s about mixing right brain thinking (EQ) into a working world glutted by left brain thinking (IQ). It’s about hacking work life with style. It’s about specificity and intention, not just talking and posturing.

I trust you’ll enjoy the content and respond in kind with comments, social media sharing, feedback, ideas, suggestions and your creative expression.         

Who is Karl Rohde?

I am a strategic, people focused IT Manager, speaker, workplace coach and blogger with 2 decades experience in the corporate sector. I have an overwhelming passion for developing insight, sharing ideas, joining dots, practical change, workplace fulfilment, personal potency and mooching with people.

I know what it means to be stuck, bored, boxed, under-utilised, overwhelmed, stretched and burnt out. And I know how to hack out of this veritable jungle of comfortable hell and rise above the melee that gets in the way of our art.

I was born in the crucible of South Africa. I've lived in the most open minded city in the world, London, for close on a decade and now I live on the distant (and giant) continent of Australia, in Melbourne. I've traveled to 26 countries and want to see and learn more about this interesting world that we live in. I've also built a boat and trekked the Himalayas. For a list of my corporate hacks go check out my LinkedIn profile.

I'm married to an amazing woman and a parent to two ridiculously gorgeous kids.

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